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Commitment To Stewardship

We take great pride in our stewardship over our land and livestock. What sets Jones Creek Beef apart is our high level of commitment toward doing what is best and right for each animal throughout its lifetime and the land upon which they live. We want you and your family to experience Better Beef, Better Flavor.

We provide our animals with constant access to grass pasture and safe, clean living conditions:

Rotational Grazing

We use a Rotational Grazing Method to provide healthier land leading to healthier livestock than are seen through traditional methods of grazing. This method provides the cattle with fresh grass and with the essential healthy minerals that can only be derived from grazing on fresh vegetation. We strongly believe that everything that we do must be beneficial and sustainable for our livestock AND the land.

Humane Treatment

We take great care to treat our cattle humanely. They are very important to us and so we treat them as such. We try to minimize the stress upon our animals when moving and working them. We move our cattle quietly and in a relaxing manner on horseback. This helps us minimize stress. Stress can cause sickness in the cattle and ultimately affect the overall quality of the flavoring of the beef.